Sunday 15 November 2015

Richard Driscoll is out of prison and wants you to fund his next movie!

It's the moment we've all been waiting for. Richard Driscoll has walked free from prison, having paid his debt to society. And what the first thing he' has done? That's right - resurrected one of his old rip-off projects.

For years, Driscoll talked about making something called Blade Hunter that was so shamelessly plagiarised from Blade Runner it would make Philip K Dick turn in his grave. Well, now he's trying to get it off the ground again, but instead of a dodgy tax deal, he's going to crowdsource the movie via Indiegogo!

He's set up a whole freaking website. Look, it's here:

bhmovieclub? More like bsmovieclub.

It's late and I need to go to bed. I'll blog about this tomorrow, and discuss why you should or should not consider contributing to this project.

But for now, let's just welcome back to the cinema industry the worst film-maker in Britain, the UK's own answer to Ed Wood, the man, the legend, the lawsuit - Mr Richard Driscoll!


  1. Death shall not release his cast.

  2. Did hmrc ever get their money back?

    1. Hi Ian. I'm not aware of any money repaid. It wasn't mentioned in the HMRC press release when he was sent down.

  3. I knew him when he was a teenager. Never happier than living out his fantasies while going through whatever cash came his way....which he never worked for. As a producer....and i use that term carefully, you can't fault his sxcheming ways to gert people and investors hooked. Unfortunately he was deluded in thinking he had any creative, acting or directing talent whatsoever. He became a control freak by the looks of it but there was only one real movie "all-rounder" and that was Orson Welles!

  4. Hi I worked with Driscoll many times,he was very kind to me and always paid?