Thursday 12 November 2015

Incredible unseen images from Doghouse (Part 1)

My mate Jake West recently sent me a bunch of awesome on-set photos from Doghouse. A lot of these have not been published before, including some great close-ups of the incredible make-up that Karl Derrick created for the zom-birds. Jake very kindly said that I could publish them here on my blog, so here's the first batch. See more at Doghouse Photos Part 2Doghouse Photos Part 3Doghouse photos Part 4

Victoria Hopkins as 'The Bride'. Victoria was also in Zombie Women of Satan, Le Fear 2, Bloodless aka Vampires and of course The Devil's Music.

Lorry O'Toole as 'Foxy'. Lorry is a production designers whose credits include The ABCs of Death, The Theatre Bizarre and Adam Mason's Pig.

Joelle Simpson (no relation) as 'The Dentist'. Joelle was also in Warrioress and was one of the infected in 28 Days Later.

Alison Carroll as 'The Teen'. Alison was also in Devil's Tower and has played Lara Croft in commercials.

Beryl Nesbitt as 'Mikey's Nan' (with Terry Stone as Sgt Wright). Beryl has been acting for 60 years and can be seen in Dark Corners, Night Junkies and Little Deaths.

And introducing... Miss Emily Booth as 'The Snipper'.

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  1. Only just seen this. But the photo that you captioned as The Teen, is actually the character Pigtails. Played by yours truly, Ria Knowles. Feel free to amend.