Sunday 15 November 2015

Still more images from Doghouse

Here's a third selection of the cool on-set pictures from Doghouse that Jake West kindly sent me. This time, here are some snap of the fellas. See more at Doghouse Photos Part 1Doghouse Photos Part 2Doghouse photos Part 4

Mikey (Noel,Clarke), Patrick (Keith-Lee Castle), Neil (Danny Dyer), Graham (Emil Marwa) and Vince (Stephen Graham).

Sgt Wright (Terry Stone) meets Mikey in the boutique.

Neil finds himself the centre of female attention. I don;t know the name of the actress playing this particular zom-bird. Anyone?

The sixth member of the gang, Matt (Lee Ingleby) at the mercy of 'The Witch (Nicola Jane Reading).

The Magnificent Seven.

The final shot of the film, as the assembled zom-birds chase our heroes out of town.

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  1. Anything with Lee Ingleby in it is always worth watching.