Wednesday 18 November 2015

Final selection of great Doghouse images

Many thanks to the always-cool Jake West for sending me these great on-set photos from Doghouse. See previous selections here: Doghouse Photos Part 1, Doghouse Photos Part 2, Doghouse Photos Part 3

Here's Neil (Danny Dyer) living out his fantasy. Sorry, I don't know these actresses' names.

A close-up from that scene. She's a keeper!

Here's Joanne Marie Cutts as 'The Butcher', Lorry O'Toole as 'Foxy' and Emily Booth as 'The Snipper'.

Alison Carroll as 'The Teen' and Joelle Simpson as 'Zimmer Granny'.

I love this amazingly atmospheric shot of Bouff as 'The Snipper'!

And finally, here's Jake West himself, talking with scriptwriter Dan Schaffer.

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  1. Alison Carroll does not have locs. That’s me again, Ria Knowles. Would be so appreciative if you could amend this. I worked hard on this movie. 🙏🏽