Sunday 22 November 2015

Oh the irony: Driscoll's website has been hacked

Yesterday, Richard Driscoll's Blade Hunter website at disappeared. No 404 error; just a plain white screen.

Speculation began as to whether the legal gorillas at Warner Brothers had issued him with a cease and desist notice (as they most assuredly will). But if that was the case, why were his Facebook page and Twitter account still active.

But no, it seems that Driscoll's site has been hacked by some evil sorts. Here is the message that currently appears there. A quick google has turned up a few other sites with similar messages.

Language: English
If you want to decrypt files in your server, you should pay us $50 with BitCoin. You have 7 days. When we receive money, we will public in program, key and instruction to decrypt files.
Just will search in by url of your site
Thanks :)
Our BitCoin wallet is 13PNyVryLDizBgAf1nFkWtUawkVkxRL1Hy
P.S. If your site will stay encrypted in long period, Google and other Search Engines will ban it.
P.P.S. Just pay us and be happy :)

This is priceless. It couldn't happen to a nicer fellow. I wonder what he'll do.


  1. Warners will take Driscoll for every penny he's got. All five of them.