Wednesday 29 January 2014

Shell Shocked: Dominic Brunt's war/horror short

Dominic Brunt, who previously brought us the marvellous zombie feature Before Dawn, has directed a short war/horror film which is available to view online. Shell Shocked premiered at last year's Frightfest and is now on YouTube.

Written by Joanne Mitchell (ie. Mrs Brunt) from an idea by their six-year-old son, Shell Shocked stars Geoffrey Newland as a British squaddie and Anthony Mark Street (Where Seagulls Cry a Song, Stormhouse) as a German soldier. Set in a claustrophobic trench, the last inhabitant of which is still lying in a bloody mess, this is a bleak and powerful film, a sobering consideration of the inhuman horrors of war with an unexpectedly horrific twist. Check it out.

Saturday 4 January 2014

British horror shopping list, first quarter 2014

Here's what's coming up on and, over the next three months:

  • 6th January: Heretic (UK)
  • 7th January: Amityville Asylum (USA), Dead of the Nite (USA)
  • 13th January: Evil Never Dies (UK)
  • 21st January: Splash Area: Night of the Freaks (USA)
  • 10th February: Amityville Asylum (UK)
  • 11th February: A Night in the Woods (USA), The Reverend (USA)
  • 17th February: Stalled (UK)
  • 18th February: I, Zombie (USA), Dead Creatures (USA), Venus Drowning (USA), Silent Night: Bloody Night: The Homecoming (USA)
  • 4th March: The Facility (USA)
  • 10th March: Rehab (UK), Outpost III: Rise of the Spetsnaz (UK)
  • 24th March: Dead of the Nite (UK)