Friday 13 November 2015

Incredible unseen images from Doghouse (Part 2)

Here are some more on-set photos from Doghouse kindly supplied by Jake West. See more at Doghouse Photos Part 1Doghouse Photos Part 3Doghouse photos Part 4

Here'a Annie Vanders as 'Bubbles' in the infamous 'finger food' scene. She was also in Hush.

Here's a close-up look at Karl Derrick's make-up that Annie had to wear. Apparently it took five hours to apply!

This is Joanne Marie Cutts as 'The Butcher'.

Here's another shot of 'Lara Croft' actress Alison Carroll as 'The Teen'.

Don't know who this is, sorry.

And this is Nicola Jane Reading as 'The Witch'. She is also a stunt performer and was in Casino Royale.

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  1. Again, Lara Croft actress is not depicted here. This is Ria Knowles. I’m black. Well, kinda green in this instance. 🤣