Monday 21 November 2011

Who is Steven M Smith?

The British indie film industry comes in two parts. There are the films which share cast and crew and seem to be part of a larger whole, and there are the mavericks, iconoclasts, call ‘em what you will, who plough away on their own.

Despite all the research I’ve done I had never heard of Steven M Smith or his films until last night when I came across the information that his ghost drama Time of Her Life had been released on US DVD in 2007. That’s the footnote to the Evil Aliens post; this is the film that took my total to 103.

Apart from a couple of actors who were in unfunny vampire comedy Asylum Night, most of the rest of the cast and crew seem to be Smith’s stock company. His somewhat confusing website for Greenway Entertainment Ltd has info on a bunch of other shorts and features at various stages of creation. He seems to be currently trying to raise funds to finish post on a feature called Haunted and he is also shooting a set of six shorts which I think he’s planning to release en masse on a single DVD.

Time of Her Life was trade-screened at Cannes in 2005 and also received a BBFC certificate that year. According to the website, a British DVD of the ‘Director’s Cut' was either released a year ago on 25 November 2010 or will be released this Friday, 25 November 2011.

Anyway, good luck to Smith as he ploughs his own furrow. I’ll add a couple of paragraphs about Time of Her Life to the book and watch out for news on Haunted.

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