Thursday 24 November 2011

The Rise of Jengo

Something called The Rise of Jengo is now available to buy from the film-maker's website for £9.99 ("with free shipping"). Apparently this is an online offer ahead of the "official release date for the high street" which is 17th December. However, it's not clear which part of the High Street will sell it as the film hasn't been certificated.

The Rise of Jengo has been written, directed and produced by Joe Wheeler who also stars (as two characters) and gets camera, editing and casting credits too, although presumably somebody else held the camera while he was acting.

Although it's not mentioned on the site, Wheeler has actually made this film before as The Evil Outside Your Window. I don't know whether The Rise of Jengo is a remake, a re-edit or just a retitling of the previous film, or it may even be a sequel. There's a plot synopsis for Evil which presumably also applies to Jengo:

This film is about a young man who starts getting bad nightmares about an evil spirit called Jengo whom used to haunt him as a child. These nightmares begin to get worse and worse and Jengo feeds off the fear he creates in this young man which helps manifest Jengo into the land of the living to terrorize and even kill!

Evil was self-released in October last year and is available to buy online for $5.99. The DVD sleeve has a '15' certificate logo but it's not listed on the BBFC site. There is a one-off cinema screening of Jengo planned for 12th December in London although the venue hasn't yet been announced.

I can't judge whether these films are any good from the trailers, which seem to consist entirely of blood and hallucinatory camera-work. But all credit to Joe Wheeler. He has made two feature-length films and that's an achievement for a young man working outside of the indie film industry.

Finally, here's the blurb from the back of the Jengo sleeve, verbatim (I hope the film's better than this)...

A nightmarish fright fest when the beast comes back home closer than you can ever think!

He is the evil from your nightmares, waiting, hunting, blood thirsty for new prey to haunt. He is far worse than any nightmare!

He is a nightmare!
He is THE nightmare!
and the scary thing is....

This film is a horrorfest filled with disturbing cannabilism like elements, full of sickly twisted torturous events! and is truelly mentally disturbing and shocking!
Its the stuff of nightmares...
Your Nightmares!!

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