Sunday 27 November 2011

Film 56: Devil's Harvest

The few reviews of this film on the web assume that it was produced in 2003/04 but it's actually much older than that.

Back in 1998 I visited a dubbing studio in Shepperton to report for SFX on the completely new dialogue track which was being recorded for the UK theatrical release of Shusuke Kaneko's Gamera: Guardian of the Universe. While I was there, the young chap in charge showed me footage from a supernatural horror film which he had made with Brian Blessed and Julie T Wallace.

Seven years later, Devil's Harvest suddenly and inexplicably emerged on DVD on both sides of the Atlantic. The UK distributor retitled it Don't Go Into the Attic. The sleeve image bears no relation whatsoever to the film, which is something to do with the resurrection of the sea-god Dagon. Or something. Good characterisation and nice locations (Devon and Somerset, pretending to be Cornwall) doesn't make up, sadly, for an incomprehensible plot.

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