Saturday 19 November 2011

Lethal Dose 50%

I am at the exact halfway point in the book, which will feature 96 British horror films released between 1998 and 2008. No doubt I shall muse at a later date on what I consider a British horror film, a British horror film and indeed a British horror film, not to mention the thorny problems of dates. It is also entirely possible that between now and Easter I will discover a previously unidentified title or change my mind about the in/exclusion of a particular film. But for now, there are 96 films on my list and I have so far written about 48 of them.

Actually only 95 were released in that 11-year period as the first film in the book is Darklands, which was released in 1996. We can think of this as a precursor to the British Horror Revival (BHR) or a statistical outlier or somesuch.

Anyway, for the curious, here are the four dozen films included in the manuscript to date. I will post here as I add each of the remaining movies.

Alone, The Asylum, Asylum Night, The Bunker, Cold and Dark, Cradle of Fear, Daddy’s Girl, Darkhunters, Darklands, Dead Creatures, Dead Man’s Shoes, Deathwatch, The Devil’s Chair, The Devil’s Tattoo, Dog Soldiers, Dominator, Dr Sleep, The Eliminator, The Evolved, Fall of Louse of Usher, Forest of the Damned, Freak Out, The Gathering, Hellbreeder, The Hole, I Zombie, The Last Horror Movie, LD50, Lighthouse, London Voodoo, Long Time Dead, My Little Eye, Night Junkies, Nine Lives, Octane, Parasite, Penetration Angst, Project Assassin, Razor Blade Smile, Revelation, Sacred Flesh, Sanitarium, Sentinels of Darkness, Shaun of the Dead, Urban Ghost Story, The Witches Hammer, The 13th Sign, 28 Days Later 

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