Monday 21 November 2011

Film 50: Evil Aliens

In a busy evening, I have found time to complete the section on Jake West's second picture. I'll admit that Jake's been a mate since the days of Razor Blade Smile but that doesn't affect my genuine enjoyment of Evil Aliens.

Ironically, I was never able to make the shoot because at the time I was unemployed with a baby on the way and couldn't even justify the train fare to Cambridge.

Nevertheless I have an embarrassment of riches on this film in terms of interviews: Jenny Evans, Emily Booth, Tim Dennison, Neil Jenkins, Richard Wells, Tris Versluis and a long chat with Jake himself. Keeping it all below 2,000 words (my absolute upper limit for any film) was the tricky bit.

Update: Oh Jesus, here's another one with a US release date of 2007! That's 103 films so 53 more to do by Easter. And on Friday I thought I was halfway there...

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