Wednesday 11 January 2012

Plot details for Battlefield Death Tales!

From the makers of the acclaimed Bordello Death Tales comes the next terrifying chapter in the anthology series. Original directors Jim Eaves (Bane, The Witches Hammer), Pat Higgins (The Devil's Music, KillerKiller) and Alan Ronald (Jesus vs the Messiah) return with three new tales of eye-popping, spine-chilling horror. This time, the stories unfold in the dark days of World War 2.

Monsters of the 4th Reich
Harriet Price tracks down monsters for the British Government. Armed with an array of inventions and contraptions she deals with everything from ghosts, demons, werewolves, vampires and once, she claims, even Churchill's Black Dog. But, along with her newly assigned partner; the cross dressing gunslinger 'Trixie Antoinette', this latest investigation will bring her face to face with the greatest monster of all... Hitler himself. Alan Ronald directs this thrilling and hilarious slice of paranormal pulp.

Devils of the Blitz
The letters from the front line are getting increasingly bizarre. Private Graham Wilson is sending home stories of monsters on the battlefield. Burrowing devils with a taste for flesh. The family back home are divided as to how to react to these letters, and every night they shelter in the cellar as London is subjected to wave after wave of bombs. Until, one evening, that cellar isn't empty. The devils have increased their hunting ground, and suddenly the bombs aren't the only threat the Wilsons are facing in the London night. Director Pat Higgins brings you a dark tale of suspense, edged with pitch-black comedy and a splash of green slime.

Medal of Horror
When an American Colonel's burlesque dancing daughter Daisy is kidnapped by the Nazis, he swiftly sends for her ex Lover and serial love rat George to rescue her. Against his will, George travels deep behind enemy lines battling the zombified soldiers of the First World War in his efforts to save Daisy and his own skin, finally facing off against the sadistic Nazi high priestess Jezebel and her sinister Nazibot automaton. Director Jim Eaves takes you on a suicide mission, with a young British soldier doing all he can to defeat the Nazi menace.

Don't forget that the trio's first brilliant anthology, Bordello Death Tales, is out on DVD on Monday!

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