Monday 30 January 2012

Film 79: Anazapta

I vaguely recognised the title of this 'Medieval thriller' but had not realised until very recently that it's actually a supernatural horror film. And a subtle, well-made one too.

Directed by Alberto Sciamma, whom I met back in 1998 or so when he was promoting his first film, the very weird Killer Tongue. Anazapta stars Lena Heady (I met her on the Hallmark Merlin mini-series), Jason Flemyng and Ian 'Baron Harkonen' McNeice as a Bishop with a stash of 14th century porn.

Gritty and shitty production design and a good script makes this well worth seeing. I can't understand why it's so obscure.


  1. I was very confused whether it's a horror picture or not

    1. Thanks for your comment, Julia. There's no doubt in my mind that this is a horror picture. People are being found dead with words carved into their skin. My interpretation is that the French hostage is actually a personification of the plague.