Sunday 1 January 2012

New Eldorado trailer - spells star’s name wrong!

I’ve been a bit worried that the publicity for Eldorado seems a bit slick and professional. Not like we’re used to with Richard Driscoll productions.

But have no fear, a brand new trailer launches today which is not only astoundingly amateur-looking, and not only provides a convenient list of all the films ripped off, ahem, homaged, in the movie, it also does that old Driscoll trick of spelling someone’s name wrong.

Anyone know who 'Brigette Neilsen' is? Perhaps she’s some relation to the previously unknown serial killer 'Denis Nielson'?

I can’t wait to see this movie! And remember folks, you can’t judge a Richard Driscoll film from clips in trailers. It’s what he does with the story and characters that makes his movies so consistently entertaining.

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