Friday 25 April 2014

Lots and lots of new titles

Yesterday I did a big round-up of British horror stuff and found a ton of new in-production movies that weren't on my list, including Afterdeath (d.Robin Schmidt, Gez Medinger), Altar (d.Nick Willing), The Apostate (d.Andy Dodd) and Blood Moon (d.Jeremy Wooding).

Also Christmas Hear Kids (d.Chris Purnell), Christmas Slay (d.Steve Davis), Death Walks (d.Spencer Hawken), Discarnate (d.Rusty Apper), Disturbed (d.Nakkeeran), Drax Manor (d.Ryan Merchant), The Fort (d.Doug Cubin), Geek Undead (d.Jason Jackson), The Guest Room (d.Adi Parige) and Haters (d.Vincent Cleghorne).

Plus The Haunting of Baylock Residence (d.Anthony M Winson), The House of Him (d.Robert Florence), House of Silence (d.Lawrence Parmenter), Impurity (d.Andy Remic), Jagoda (d.Lex Hefner), Merry Z-Day (d.Ben Steele, Lily Jenkins), Monstrum (d.Jonathan Kemp & James J Powdrill), The Mothertown (d.John Williams) and The 9th (d.Nathan Codrington)

And No Reasons (d.Spencer Hawken) and Plan Z (d.Stuart Brennan) and She’s Dead (d.Nik Box) and The Snare (CA Cooper), also Starcache (d.Douglas Sannachan), Territory (d.Tom Saville, Robert Vassie), Torture (d.Jason Wright), The Unfolding (d.Eugene McGing) and A Vault of Victims (d. Anthony Brems,Maria Lee Metheringham and Will Metheringham), And Wandering Rose (d.Corrie Greenop)

And The Wine Dancers (d.Dave Lewis).

And The Wrong Side of Town (d.Craig Quinn).

All of the above began production within the past couple of years. Some have wrapped. Some are complete. A few have even had screenings but remain unreleased. I will try to feature some of them in more detail in the coming days. But you can see what a big job it is keeping track of this stuff...

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