Thursday 18 June 2015

Looking forward to… The Girl with Two Masks

I honestly don’t know whether this new British horror feature will be good or bad but one thing I know for sure is it will be different. Take a look at the brand new trailer which just went online today.

The brief synopsis on Facebook says "A pub haunted by the spirit of a contortionist tortured hundreds of years ago by villagers testing her evil abilities.

The debut feature from director Sam Casserly, The Girl with Two Masks stars Nick Hayles, Rachel Laboucarie, Stephen Sheridan, Sian Denereaz, Roxi Gregory and Lauren Mills. It was shot September to November last year. There was a cast and crew screening back in April and the film is now going out to festivals.

The feature is loosely based on this six-minute short which Casserly shot back in 2010:

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