Tuesday 9 June 2015

An uncredited cameo in The Seasoning House

In the cast list of Paul Hyett's brilliant The Seasoning House, you'll find Eddie Oswald credited as 'Boiler Room Thug'. Thanks to regular reader 'Paddie' for pointing out that this is actually a pseudonymous cameo by a well-known figure in British horror cinema.

Tonto British horror fans may recognise that 'Eddie Oswald' is a reference to Dog Soldiers. If you haven't seen it in a while, here's Sir Sean Pertwee delivering the memorable 'Eddie Oswald speech':
When I watched The Seasoning House it was at a cast and crew preview screening and I was too wrapped up in the bleak, intense story to notice any uncredited cameos. But I dug out a copy, fast forwarded to the boiler room scene, and lo and behold...
There he is, looking at Rosie Day and then being told "Lock... the door." by Sean P. Eddie Oswald himself: Mr Neil Marshall.

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