Wednesday 2 May 2012

'Vampires: Brighter in Darkness' moved to October

British gay vampire feature Vampires: Brighter in Darkness, originally announced by Peccadillo Pictures for an April release, has been bumped back to 22nd October.

When cute, wide-eyed Toby comes out of a disastrous relationship, sister Charlotte sets him up on a blind date with a difference. What neither of them realise is that the date is with Lucas, a 1500 year old vampire. Before long, Toby is plunged into the dark world of demons, black magic and the supernatural, where nobody is safe and nothing is what it seems... An exciting British feature film brimming with a whole fresh batch of upcoming and easy-on-the-eye local talent, Vampires: Brighter in Darkness brings the romance and terror of the Twilight series to the UK, with a queer twist and oddles of sex appeal.

The feature is evidently based on a web series although I can't work out if it's a remake or a re-edit. A sequel, Vampires: Lucas Rising is in pre-production. Here's the most recent trailer for V:BiD, from December last year (which says September 2012 at the end):


  1. Can't wait for this to come out on DVD. Saw this at the Chester première in Cine-world and loved it and I'm not even Gay! Yeah its low Budget £20,000 from what the YouTube video info says but Hell its well acted, Storyline is great and its more about Vampires and Demons than Gay! Yeah the two main vamps are Gay but so what its 2012. Cool film if you like independent films with some depth to them and likeable characters. and etc. have a pre-order option and it says 24th of September 2012

  2. I've been lucky enough to see this feature version of the now seemingly cult series? It seems an edited down version but with added New scenes and improved SFX. Honestly I'd say I can see why this seems to be gaining cult status. Like a lot of cult films Vampires is not perfect but it really tries to give us as much as it can considering the budget. Like an old toy with fangs this film provides us with genuine entertainment and stays with us as a faithful if not perfect friend. Looking forwards very much to the alleged sequel :) Ian

    1. Thank you Ian,
      As the writer and director of Vampires Brighter in Darkness, it warms me that we are getting our MSG out there. Our low budget feature was written straight from the heart as are the two follow up films, the 2nd has just been finished being filmed and promises to be a grander movie all told!
      Jason Davitt

  3. Love it! If 50 shades of Grey had been written by the child of Stephenie Meyer and Russel T Davis then made into a film, this is what you'd get! Fun, fangs and great characters with that something different! T J