Sunday, 22 December 2013

Whatever happened to those 140 unreleased British horror films? (Part 2)

Continuing my look at the various fates of the unreleased 21st century British horror features which I listed two years ago. Here is the second batch of 35 titles.
  1. Every Picture (d.Tobias Tobbell) - Tobell is still making movies but this 2005 feature remains unreleased.
  2. Expiry Date (d.Karen Bird) - Seems there was a UK disc of this in November 2007, making it another refugee from my book. (Seriously, I did find 114 films - give me a break.)
  3. The Fallow Field (d.Leigh Dovey) - It took four years but I was delighted that this terrific film eventually hit UK disc in March 2013. Check out my review.
  4. A Fantastic Fear of Everything (d.Chris Hopewell, Crispian Mills) - Savaged by critics when it was released to UK cinemas in June 2012.
  5. Le Fear (d.Jason Croot) - Released online in February 2012.
  6. Forest of the Damned 2 (d.Ernest Riera) - Still no sign of this sequel.
  7. For One Night Only (d.Belinda Greensmith) - Now here’s an odd one. Although not officially ‘released’, the full film was made available in an ‘online film market’ so it’s there to watch if you want. I did - here’s my review.
  8. The Found Not Missing (d.Luke Massey) - Missing not found.
  9. Fragments (d.Ross Dickson) - Still no sign of this one, but I did find this sort-of-update from June 2013.
  10. Furor: Rage of the Innocent (d.Victor Marke) - Not entirely sure how much this is ‘horror’ or whether it’s just action. Unless it ever gets a release, I think we’ll have to keep on wondering...
  11. The Glass Man (d.Cristian Solimeno) - This really puzzles me. This Andy Nyman-starrer got good word-of-mouth when it played festivals in 2011 but since then, nada.
  12. Gozo (d. Miranda Bowen) - Scripted by Mum and Dad helmer Steven Shiel but as yet unseen by anyone.
  13. Grabbers (d.Jon Wright) - Although this UK/Irish monster movie did get a release, I’ve taken it off my list because it seems to be more Irish than British. But I may change my mind again.
  14. Graders (d.David Hutchison) - Released online in August 2012
  15. A Grave for the Corpses (d.SN Sibley) - Still on Steve Sibley’s shelf, as far as I can tell.
  16. Grave Tales (d. Don Fearney) - Retro anthology had a UK release in June 2013.
  17. Graveyard Shift: A Zomedy of Terrors (d.Sapphira Sen-Gupta, Denise Channing) - Still nothing...
  18. The Great Ghost Rescue (d.Yann Samuell) - There was a US disc in November 2011.
  19. Guinea Pigs (d.Ian Clark) - Retitled The Facility, this had a well publicised British DVD release in May 2013.
  20. Hacked Off (d.Andrew Weild) - Another one that passed us all by. Apparently this came out in October 2004. Of course, that doesn’t mean anyone has actually seen it.
  21. Hard Shoulder (d.Nicholas David Lean) - February 2013 was the UK release date for this one under the new title Dead End.
  22. Harmony’s Requiem aka Silent Terror (d.Mark McDermott) - Released online in March 2011.
  23. Harold’s Going Stiff (d.Keith Wright) - Keith scored a big festival success with his second feature which was released in the UK in September 2012. Check out my review.
  24. The Harrowing (d.Tim Burke) - Aka The Lucifer Effect. As far as I know, it remains unreleased under either title.
  25. Haunted (d.Steven M Smith) - VOD release in October 2013.
  26. The Haunting of Harry Payne (d.Martyn Pick) - This is set for a UK release in January 2014 although, as noted, it has been retitled Evil Never Dies and marketed as a straight gangster film.
  27. The Haven (dir.Ray Kilby) - Unfinished 2001 feature from the director of Never Play with the Dead. Doubt we’ll ever see this.
  28. HellBilly 58 (d.Russ Diaper) - I don’t honestly think this ever got made and have now taken it off my list.
  29. Heretic (d.Peter Handford) - Catch it on UK DVD in January 2014.
  30. High Stakes (d.Peter Ferris) - This Welsh vampire picture finally turned up online in September 2011. I reviewed it back in 2008.
  31. The Holding (d.Susan Jacobson) - Seems I had missed the British theatrical/DVD release in September 2011.
  32. Hollow (d.Michael Axelgaard) - American DVD/VOD release in February 2013.
  33. Horrorcide (d.Rakie Keig) - I can’t find any trace of this anywhere! Keig is now a horror author.
  34. The Horror of the Dolls (d.Shane Davey) - Released online in October 2012. Check out my review.
  35. The Hounds (d.Maurizio & Roberto Del Piccolo) - This seems to have been released online in July 2011, with a UK disc in November 2012 and a US one in January 2013.

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