Sunday 22 December 2013

Whatever happened to those 140 unreleased British horror films? (Part 2)

Continuing my look at the various fates of the unreleased 21st century British horror features which I listed two years ago. Here is the second batch of 35 titles.
  1. Every Picture (d.Tobias Tobbell) - Tobell is still making movies but this 2005 feature remains unreleased.
  2. Expiry Date (d.Karen Bird) - Seems there was a UK disc of this in November 2007, making it another refugee from my book. (Seriously, I did find 114 films - give me a break.)
  3. The Fallow Field (d.Leigh Dovey) - It took four years but I was delighted that this terrific film eventually hit UK disc in March 2013. Check out my review.
  4. A Fantastic Fear of Everything (d.Chris Hopewell, Crispian Mills) - Savaged by critics when it was released to UK cinemas in June 2012.
  5. Le Fear (d.Jason Croot) - Released online in February 2012.
  6. Forest of the Damned 2 (d.Ernest Riera) - Still no sign of this sequel.
  7. For One Night Only (d.Belinda Greensmith) - Now here’s an odd one. Although not officially ‘released’, the full film was made available in an ‘online film market’ so it’s there to watch if you want. I did - here’s my review.
  8. The Found Not Missing (d.Luke Massey) - Missing not found.
  9. Fragments (d.Ross Dickson) - Still no sign of this one, but I did find this sort-of-update from June 2013.
  10. Furor: Rage of the Innocent (d.Victor Marke) - Not entirely sure how much this is ‘horror’ or whether it’s just action. Unless it ever gets a release, I think we’ll have to keep on wondering...
  11. The Glass Man (d.Cristian Solimeno) - This really puzzles me. This Andy Nyman-starrer got good word-of-mouth when it played festivals in 2011 but since then, nada.
  12. Gozo (d. Miranda Bowen) - Scripted by Mum and Dad helmer Steven Shiel but as yet unseen by anyone.
  13. Grabbers (d.Jon Wright) - Although this UK/Irish monster movie did get a release, I’ve taken it off my list because it seems to be more Irish than British. But I may change my mind again.
  14. Graders (d.David Hutchison) - Released online in August 2012
  15. A Grave for the Corpses (d.SN Sibley) - Still on Steve Sibley’s shelf, as far as I can tell.
  16. Grave Tales (d. Don Fearney) - Retro anthology had a UK release in June 2013.
  17. Graveyard Shift: A Zomedy of Terrors (d.Sapphira Sen-Gupta, Denise Channing) - Still nothing...
  18. The Great Ghost Rescue (d.Yann Samuell) - There was a US disc in November 2011.
  19. Guinea Pigs (d.Ian Clark) - Retitled The Facility, this had a well publicised British DVD release in May 2013.
  20. Hacked Off (d.Andrew Weild) - Another one that passed us all by. Apparently this came out in October 2004. Of course, that doesn’t mean anyone has actually seen it.
  21. Hard Shoulder (d.Nicholas David Lean) - February 2013 was the UK release date for this one under the new title Dead End.
  22. Harmony’s Requiem aka Silent Terror (d.Mark McDermott) - Released online in March 2011.
  23. Harold’s Going Stiff (d.Keith Wright) - Keith scored a big festival success with his second feature which was released in the UK in September 2012. Check out my review.
  24. The Harrowing (d.Tim Burke) - Aka The Lucifer Effect. As far as I know, it remains unreleased under either title.
  25. Haunted (d.Steven M Smith) - VOD release in October 2013.
  26. The Haunting of Harry Payne (d.Martyn Pick) - This is set for a UK release in January 2014 although, as noted, it has been retitled Evil Never Dies and marketed as a straight gangster film.
  27. The Haven (dir.Ray Kilby) - Unfinished 2001 feature from the director of Never Play with the Dead. Doubt we’ll ever see this.
  28. HellBilly 58 (d.Russ Diaper) - I don’t honestly think this ever got made and have now taken it off my list.
  29. Heretic (d.Peter Handford) - Catch it on UK DVD in January 2014.
  30. High Stakes (d.Peter Ferris) - This Welsh vampire picture finally turned up online in September 2011. I reviewed it back in 2008.
  31. The Holding (d.Susan Jacobson) - Seems I had missed the British theatrical/DVD release in September 2011.
  32. Hollow (d.Michael Axelgaard) - American DVD/VOD release in February 2013.
  33. Horrorcide (d.Rakie Keig) - I can’t find any trace of this anywhere! Keig is now a horror author.
  34. The Horror of the Dolls (d.Shane Davey) - Released online in October 2012. Check out my review.
  35. The Hounds (d.Maurizio & Roberto Del Piccolo) - This seems to have been released online in July 2011, with a UK disc in November 2012 and a US one in January 2013.

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