Saturday 28 December 2013

200 unreleased British horror films produced since 2000

Before Christmas I rounded up what had happened to the list of 139 unreleased British horror films which I posted here in December 2011. What we found was that
  • 23 had already received some form of release sufficiently obscure that I was not able to find it.
  • 55 have since received a release.
  • 4 have been removed from the list for not meeting the criteria after all.
  • 57 remain unreleased.
That’s not a bad result, frankly: it means that there were actually 112 unreleased British horror films and 50% of those have achieved a release in the subsequent two years. In those two years, many other British horror features have been produced and released - but many others have been produced and taken their own place in film limbo. Plus I have discovered a few more oldies.

This means the current list runs to... 216 unreleased British horror feature films.

So: can you help with this? Can you provide information on a 'release' for any of these titles (ie. something more than a one-off/festival screening)? That could be online, VOD, DVD or even theatres, anywhere in the world. Even if the film-maker just sold uncertificated copies through his/her own website, that's a release.

Alternatively, can you confirm that any of these films were never actually made? To the best of my knowledge, everything here at least entered production, but I'm happy to be proved wrong. There are 56 films marked with an asterisk which I know were completed because they have had at least one screening and/or I have watched them myself. I will also take off this list any of these which can be shown to be 'not horror' or 'not British' (or indeed, 'not a feature film'). Persuade me.

There are a number of well-publicised films here which I know are still in post like Crying Wolf and Cute Little Buggers, or still being made like The Wrong Floor (I'm in that one!). But what about all these others? And of course, I have to ask this: is this list complete? Do you know of any unreleased (for whatever reason) British horror film produced since 2000 which is not here?

Leave comments/updates/suggestions below.

[Update: all titles in bold have subsequently been released - MJS]
Amy Goes to College
Addict (d.Geoff Harmer)*
All the Fear of the Fair (d.Chris Jupp)*
Amy Goes to College (d.Alasdair Macleod)
Any Minute Now (d.Peter Goddard)*
Argon Green (d.Tom Craig)
Arkham Sanitarium (d.Andrew Morgan)
Ascension (d.James Hart)
Back2Hell (d.Richard Driscoll)
The Battersea Ripper aka Manilla Envelopes (d.Nick Tyrone)*
Beautiful (d.Veeder)
The Bench (d.Sean Wilkie)
Benny Loves Killing (d.Ben Woodiwiss)* - see comment below
Benny Loves Killing
Bicycle Day aka Bad Trip (d.Damian Morter)*
Birthday (d.Alex McCall)
The Bizarre Life and Crimes of Spring-heeled Jack (d.Chris Maudsley)
Blackwood (d.Adam Wimpenny)
Bleach (d.Jason Bradbury)
Blood Army aka Nephilim (d.Will Moore)
Bloodless (d.Richard Johnstone)
Blood Rush (d.Dean Meadows)
The Box (d.Jason Wilcox)
CAM (d.Steve Du Melo, Larry Downing)*
The Caves
The Caves (d.Jack Delaney)
Christian (d.Matthew Bland)
The Circle (d.Peter Callow)
The Cobra Lily (d.Graham Guy)
Cold Blood (d.Mumtaz Yildirimlar)*
The Convent aka The Crypt (d.Mark Murphy)
Convention of the Dead (d.Kelvin Beer)
The Coven (d.John Mackie)
Creepsville (d.MJ Dixon)
Crux (d. Bashar Al Issa)
Crying Wolf (dir. Tony Jopia)
Cute Little Buggers (d.Tony Jopia)
Daddy Issues (d.Gary J Hewitt)
A Date with Ghosts
Dark Matter (d.Mol Smith)
Dark Night (d.Daniel Grant)*
Dark Vision (d.Darren Flaxstone)*
A Date with Ghosts (d.Jason Brown)
Days of Infection (d.Tom Nicholls & Ranjeet S Marwa)
Dead Crazy (d.Frank Scantori)
Dead Love (d.Chris Gallagher)
Deadly Intent (d.Rebekah Fortune)
Dead of the Nite (d.SJ Evans)
Dead Time (d.Jason Wilcox)
Dead Wood (d.Paul Knight)
Death Walks (d.Spencer Hawken)
Dementamania (d.Kit Ryan)*
The Devil's Punch Bowl
Demon (d.Mark Duffield)*
The Demon Within (d.Harold Gasnier)*
The Devil’s Interval (d.Anthony & Patrick Turner)*
The Devil’s Punch Bowl (d.Tim Hewitt)
The Devil’s Primate (d.SN Sibley)
Devil’s Tower (d.Owen Tooth)
The Devil Went Down to Islington (d.Daniel Wilson)
District Nurse (d. Wm B McClure)
Dreaming of Screaming (d. Lee Burgess, John Ninnis, Tuesday Burgess)
The Dungeon Moor Killings (d.Jim Hickey)*
Dwellings Close (Jorge Cuaik)*
The Dying Seconds (d.Kris Rennie, Morgan Black)
Eden Lodge aka Breakdown (d.Andreas Prodromou)*
Elemental Fear (d. Alan de Pellette)
Eva's Diamond
Ellie Rose aka Not Alone (d.Tristan Versluis)
Enchantress aka The Death of Merlin (d. Ian Lewis)*
The Eschatrilogy aka Book of the Dead (d. Damian Morter)*
Eva’s Diamond (d.Ice Neal)*
Evel Cat: The Return (d.Jonathon Ash)
Every Picture (d.Tobias Tobbell)*
Eve’s Demons (d.Paul Trigwell)
Evil Apparation (d.Brel Offkel)
Evil Bread (d.Andy Ward)*
Exorcism (d.Lance Patrick)
Forest of the Damned 2 (d.Ernest Riera)
The Forewarning (d.Andy Robinson)*
The Forgotten (d.Oliver Frampton)
The Found Not Missing (d.Luke Massey)
Fragments (d.Ross Dickson)
Furor: Rage of the Innocent (d.Victor Marke)*
Glass Eyes (d.Luke Tedder)
The Glass Man (d.Cristian Solimeno)*
Gozo (d. Miranda Bowen)
A Grave for the Corpses (d.SN Sibley)
Graveyard of Death Part II (d.Jonathon Ash)
Graveyard Shift: A Zomedy of Terrors (d.Sapphira Sen-Gupta, Denise Channing)
Grindhouse 2wo (d.Richard Driscoll)
Happy Day (d.Tony Davis)
The Harrowing aka The Lucifer Effect (d.Tim Burke)
Invisible Eyes
The Hatching (d.Michael Anderson)
The Haven (dir.Ray Kilby)
Horrorcide (d.Rakie Keig)
I am Cursed (d.Shiraz Khan)
Inferno (d.Alan Gibbs)
Invisible Eyes (d.Olivier Cohen)*
Isle of Dogs (d.Tammi Sutton)*
Jack, the Last Victim (d.Phil Peel)
Jacob’s Hammer aka Jacob (d.Angie Bojtler)
Judas Ghost (d.Simon Pearce)*
Killer Conversation (d.David VG Davies)
The Lark (d.Steve Tanner)*
The Last Blood Line (d.John Evans)
The Last Showing (d.Phil Hawkins)
The Legend of the 5ive
The Last Time She Lived (d. Dominic Holmes)
The Last Zombi Hunter (d.SN Sibley)
Legacy of Thorn (d.MJ Dixon)
Legend of the Alleyman (d.Mike Jelves)
The Legend of the 5ive (d.James P Weatherall)*
Lethal (d.Darcia Martin)
Lock In (d.Mark Howard)*
Lone Walker (d.Paul TT Easter)
The Lost (d.Johan Neethling)
Low (d.Ross Shepherd)*
Making Ugly (d. Andrew Niblo)*
Martyr (d.Shaun Troke)
Meet the Cadavers (d.David VG Davies)
The Midnight Horror Show (d.Andrew Jones)
The Missing Day aka The Night the Creatures Came Alive (d.Stuart Dunlop)*
Molly Crows (d.Ray Wilkes)*
Nightmare Box
Monitor (d.David VG Davies)*
Monsters: Dark Continent (d.Tom Green)
Myth aka Fable (d.John Aldridge)
Newgate (d.William Alvin/Carter?)
Nightmare Box (d. Jon Keeyes)*
Nuryan (d.Ben Myers)*
OAZ: Nan from Hell (d.Craig T James)
Old Blood (d.Sapphira Sen-Gupta, Denise Channing)
Ouija (d.Darren Lynch)
Paper, Scissors, Stone (Philip Goodhew)
Passengers (d.John Hales)
Penitentiary Stroll aka Hero Shy (d.Oskar Jon)
The Perfect Burger (d.Todd Carty)
Pounce (d.Keith R Robinson)
The Power (d.Paul Hills)
The Psychiatrist (d.David Hoyle)
Psychotic aka Asylum aka Shadows of Bedlam (d.Johnny Johnson)
Purgatory (d.Stuart Wood)
The Quiet Ones (d.John Pogue)
The Rapture (d.William Steel)
The Reaper (d.Alan Gibbs)
Rearview (d.Avril E Russell)
A Reckoning aka Straw Man (d. AD Barker)
Red Kingdom Rising* (d.Navin Dev)*
Re-evolution (d.Andrew Walkington)
Requiem (d.Jon Kirby/Mitchell Morgan)*
Return of the Ghost (d.Jason Wilcox)*
Rock Band vs Vampires (d.Malcolm Galloway)
Rogue: A Vampire Chronicle (d.Stuart Brennan)
Scareycrows (d.Jamie Spear)
Scar Tissue
Scar Tissue (d.Scott Michell)*
Scintilla (d.Billy O’Brien)
Scopia (d.Chris Butler)
Season of the Witch (d.Peter Goddard)*
The Secret Path (d.Richard Mansfield)
Serial Kaller (d.Dan Brownlie)
Seven Cases (d.Sean J Vincent)
The Shadow of Bigfoot (d.Philip Mearns)
Shadows of a Stranger (d.Chris Clark, Richard Dutton)
Showreel (d.Ross Birkbeck)
Sleep (d.John Aldridge)
The Sleeping Room (d.John Shackleton)
Slumber Party (d.Martin Marshall)
Soldiers of the Damned (d.Mark Nuttall)
Soulmate (d.Axelle Carolyn)*
Spidarlings (d.Salem Kapsaski)
The Spirit of Albion (d.Gary Andrews)*
Stag Hunt (d.James Shanks)*
Suburban Fairytale (d.James Crow)
Succubi aka Ancient Succubi (d.Aquinas)
Survivors (d.Adam Spinks)
Tag (d.Sam Walker)
Tainted Love aka Tainted Love: Gypsy (d.Will Moore)
Taken from Sherwood (d.Richie Jon Mason)
Tales of the Supernatural aka Six Tales of the Supernatural aka Disturbance (d.Steven M Smith)
Telephone Detectives (d.Mark Reynaud)
Territory (d.Tom Saville, Robert Vassie)
Third Contact (d.Simon Horrocks)*
The Third Testament: The Antichrist and the Harlot (d.Ali Paterson)*
This Changed Earth (d. Ross Bradley, David Hinds)*
Three’s a Shroud (d.David VG Davies, Dan Brownlie, Andy Edwards)*
Tick Tock Trick (d.Bronwyn Edwards)
Torn: A Shock Youmentary (d.Justin Carter)
Transylvanian Express (d.Kirby Leitko)
The Trap (d.Fergus March)
Twisted - The Devil in Her Mind (d.Eddie Bammke)
Under the Skin (d.Jonathan Glazer)*
The Unseen (d.Kevin Gates)
Untitled Horror Film (d.JP Bankes-Mercer)
The Urge (d.Chris Andrews)
Valley of the Demon
Valley of the Demon (d.Rhodri Jones)
Valley of the Witch (d.Andrew Jones)
Vampire Dawn (d.David Gunstone)*
Vampire Mermaids from Mars (d.Joseph Tan)
A Very Grimm Fairy Tale (d.Scott Johnson)
The Vessel (d.John-Martin White)
Voodoo Magic (d.Elom Bell)
The Warning aka Ward 8 (d.Alexander Williams)
Wasteland (d.Tom Wadlow)*
The Watcher Self (d.Matt Cruse)
Webkam (d.Ibraheem James Layton)
Welcome to Essex (d.Ryan J Fleming) - see comment below
Welcome to the Majority (d.Russell Owen)*
Whispers (d.Tammi Sutton)
White Settlers (d.Simeon Halligan)
The Whistler (d.Russ Diapper) - see comment below
Who is Coming aka The Mothman Curse (d.Richard Mansfield)
The Wrong Floor - who's that handsome devil?
The Wine Dancers (d.Dave Lewis)
The Wish (d.Marcel Mandu)*
Within (d.John A Curtis, Merlin Ward)
Within the Woods (d.Luke Massey)
Wraith (d.Dave Hyde, Ed Botham)*
The Wrong Floor (d.Marc Hamill)
Zombie Graveyard (d.Jonathon Ash)
Zombie Resurrection (d.Jake Hawkins)*
Zombies of the Night (d.Stuart Brennan)
Zombie Women of Satan 2 (d.Chris Greenwood)


  1. Hi. Re: Welcome To Essex- I'm the director and I can tell you, so you can update your list, that WTE is in the final stages of post production and is still on schedule for an early-2014 release.
    There's more info over at

    Love the site, have a great New Year!

  2. Thanks for the update, Ryan. Keep me in the loop!

  3. We're earmarking Benny Loves Killing for a VOD release through Vimeo in the New Year :)

    1. Thanks Ben - let me know when it's available.

  4. The Whistler is on amazon. great little horror flick.

    1. Indeed it is - thanks! Then again, it's only 56 minutes which means it's not strictly a feature (70 minutes or more) so I can't count it on the main list, but I can at least remove it from the 'unreleased' list.

  5. My films, which are on this list, 'The Midnight Horror Show' and 'Valley of the Witch' had distributors in the UK and North America attached before they even began filming back to back from October to December 2013. 4Digital Media will be releasing both films within a month of each other this summer in the UK, with Hannover House releasing both in the USA. Both films are currently still in Post Production. Any further info you require please email

  6. My film 'Addict' is all done and had it's Premiere at the Germany After Dark film festival last Halloween. We're still trying the festival circuit before we look for distribution. Will keep you posted! :)

    Check out our most recent review -

  7. Hi MJ, I can't see 'Motorway' by Richard Anthony Dunford on your list. It was 90% finished but after a year it is in post production hell, with no more updates from the film makers.

    1. Interesting. There's no mention of Motorway on Dunford's website or ShootingPeople page, but it's listed on CastingCallPro. Seems he is concentrating on finishing his second feature P.O.V.

  8. PS: There was also an 85 minute feature which was premiered in 2007 called 'Room' directed by Lee Russell. It has also failed to see the light of day, despite a publicity campaign and a website which vanished a few years ago with out trace. Shame.

    1. Thanks for your (anonymous) contributions. Any more info on this? I can't trace it. Do you have the old website URL so I can check

  9. Hi MJ, I found the old poster from the Leodor (Lee's company) on facebook and you can see it here. However if you google it it comes up with nothing. The old myspace and Leodor website are long since gone and the last update on the facebook page was in 2009!!

    Dunford's film 'Motorway' is listed here

    Sadly it says 'Motorway was sadly cut short & abandoned suddenly & was never completed.'

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,


  10. PS: Actually now that I look again I've noticed that the Leodor page was updated in 2012 not 2009 as I previously thought.

  11. PPS: I also checked his imdb page and there's no mention of 'Room' on there either. It was definitely completed and premiere though, as I was at the premiere! No sign of it now though.

    Kind regards,


  12. Dementamania is being released in Cinemas on the 17th of October in Cinemas and VOD platforms from 17th November.

  13. I worked on Dementamania, shooting for that began during the summer of 2012.
    We finally wrapped in November 2012- after a long cold saturday night in the centre of York.
    From what I gather the film has been doing the festivals prior to it's release.

    As posted previously, it's due to be released on 17/10/14.

  14. Dark Matter was released Oct 2014. Details:
    Also a graphic Novel and a book about making a feature film.

  15. Dementamania is now available on VOD -itunes, Amazon, Google, Filmflex, Xbox, Virgin Media and

  16. The Eschatrilogy has been released in May 2014 on Region 1 dvd by Millenium. However, it's under the title "Book of the Dead: The Eschatrilogy".

  17. The Watcher Self is on the brink of completion and submission to festivals will commence in 2015. The film has been made with 100% personal funding, so your suport is most welcome - we need all the help we can get to share the love!

    Many thanks, Matt.

  18. Addict is currently available on the VOD site IndieReign -

    1. Thanks. I did pick up on Addict's release in my annual round-up over on the Hemlock Books site. I've now updated this old post to note which films have subsequently been released.

    2. Thanks Mike. Appreciate the support. :)

  19. is there any info regarding suburban fairytale ??

  20. I can confirm that Cold Blood by Mumtaz Yildirimlar has been release via Amazon. It is also expected be released via a multitude of VOD platforms within the year.