Saturday 21 December 2013

Whatever happened to those 140 unreleased British horror films? (Part 1)

Two years ago I posted a list of 140 unreleased British horror films produced since 2000 (actually there were only 139 films but I wanted a snappy headline). So I got to wondering: how many of these have now had a release? I'm going to split this over five daily posts.
  1. Airborne (d.Dominic Burns) - Released on UK disc in July 2012, US disc October 2012. 
  2. Alien Rising (d.Nigel Moran) - Turns out this had an uncertificated UK release in July 2007 through the director’s own website. I found this out just in time to squeeze it into my book Urban Terrors
  3. Ambition (d.Nicolas Forzy) - There was a US disc in May 2009. 
  4. Animal Soup (d.David VG Davies) - It seems there was an uncertificated UK release in November 2008 so it should have just scraped into Urban Terrors but I found out too late. 
  5. Bad Place (d.Darren Winter) - Released online in August 2012. 
  6. The Battersea Ripper aka Manilla Envelopes (d.Nick Tyrone) - Remains unreleased, possibly uncompleted. Here’s some more details.
  7. Beast in the Basement aka Conquering Heroes (d.Robbie Moffat) - Most of Moffat’s films are available online through his euroflix website. It’s hard to determine when they were posted but my best guess for this is that it’s been up there since July 2013. 
  8. Before Dawn (d.Dominic Brunt) - A terrific film released in the UK theatrically and on disc in February 2012. Check out my review. 
  9. Bicycle Day aka Bad Trip (d.Damian Morter) - Remains unreleased but Damian kindly sent me a screener so you can read my review. He is currently planning a remake. 
  10. Blood Army aka Nephilim (d.Will Moore) - Shot in 2009 and remains unseen. I don’t think this has ever even had a festival screening. Possibly uncompleted? 
  11. The Box (d.Jason Wilcox) - Never been opened. 
  12. Cockneys vs Zombies (d.Matthias Hoene) - This had a fairly high profile UK theatrical release in August 2012 and also played some US screens one year later. Now available on DVD. 
  13. Collateral Consequences (d.Paul TT Easter) - Camcorder auteur Easter remains a mysterious figure. The IMDB lists this as horror but the trailer and synopsis suggest otherwise so I’ve taken it off my list. 
  14. Comedown (d.Menhaj Juda) - This saw a UK release in January 2013. 
  15. Community aka Final Project (d.Jason Ford) - Released on UK disc in February 2013 - check out my review
  16. Creepsville (d.Michael J Dixon) - Back in March Mike told me this was “a couple of months away” from completion. The Facebook page still says ‘Coming soon.’ I guess we get it when we get it. 
  17. The Dark Hunter (d.Duncan Cowan, Mark Jackson) - This had a UK DVD release in October 2006 which everyone missed. Shame I found out too late to get it into my book. 
  18. Dark Journey aka Parkside Hell House (d.James White) - Released online in March 2011. 
  19. Dark Night (d.Daniel Grant) - Can’t see anything. 
  20. Dead Crazy (d.Frank Scantori) - Dear old Frank passed away recently leaving this unfinished but one of his friends is hoping to complete it. 
  21. Dead Dog Blues (d.Aimee Stephenson) - Another one which would have been in Urban Terrors had I found it in time, this had a US release way back in March 2004! 
  22. Dead Frequency (d.Rob Burrows) - Probably the first British horror film to premiere on Spanish television (in June 2011). No sign of a disc yet though. 
  23. The Dead Inside (d.Andrew Gilbert) - Finally made it to UK DVD in October 2013.
  24. Deadtime (d.Tony Jopia) - I watched this on telly the other night! Released on UK disc in May 2012 and in the States two months later. 
  25. Dead Time (d.Jason Wilcox) - Another film from the director of The Box which has likewise disappeared completely. 
  26. Death (d.Martin Gooch) - Now retitled After Death, this was released online in June 2012. 
  27. Demon (d.Mark Duffield) - Despite a few festival screenings, this gothic horror from the director of The Ghost of Mae Nak remains unreleased. 
  28. The Demon Within (d.Harold Gasnier) - Lost in limbo, but I did get to see a screener a few years ago and reviewed the film
  29. The Devil’s Business (d.Sean Hogan) - August 2012 saw this playing a few UK theatres before its DVD release. 
  30. Dreaming of Screaming (d. Lee Burgess, John Ninnis, Tuesday Burgess) - Still dreaming of a release. 
  31. The Dungeon Moor Killings (d.Jim Hickey) - No sign of life. 
  32. A Dying Breed (d.Katharine Collins) - VOD release in April 2010. 
  33. Eldorado (d.Richard Driscoll) - This one got released twice! In January 2012 and again a few months later in a different edit as Highway to Hell. The director is currently serving three years at Her Majesty’s Pleasure... 
  34. Ellie Rose aka Not Alone (d.Tristan Versluis) - Disagreement between the director and the producers means we’re unlikely to see this 2009 feature debut from my mate Tris anytime soon. 
  35. Entity (d.Steve Stone) - A UK disc in June 2013.
I'll post the fate of films 36-70 tomorrow.

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