Monday 30 December 2013

Spirital Phantoma - new UK horror filmed in Romania

Here's one which lists itself as a UK/Romanian/Hungarian production but looks like it could be British enough to qualify as part of the BHR. Unlike most UK/Romanian movies, it's not actually a US production shooting in Eastern Europe.

Spirital Phantoma - a title that seriously needs changing - is the debut feature from Rares Ceuca, a Romanian model/actor now based in Bradford. Ceuca wrote and co-directed with producer Ash Khan (who may be British). Shot in Romania, the film has a British cast with horror credentials headed by Sahira Mohamed Ali (Molly Crows) with Trent Owers (Exorcist Chronicles), Helen Holman (Jacob's Hammer, Aggressive Behavior) and Mhairi Calvey (Any Minute Now).
  • "Seven friends go camping in the local woods, little do they know that a demon spirit is released and takes over one of their own but who is it?"
According to the film's Twitter/Facebook thing, this was released on US Netflix on 1st November this year, although I can't find any independent confirmation of this.

Here's the trailer:

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