Friday 2 December 2011

'The Forgotten' - urban ghost story in post

I miss the BBC’s Robin Hood series from a few years ago. It was great: full of action and adventure and intrigue and fun and fighting. The lad who played Little John’s son (Little Little John) in a couple of episodes is now 17 and has been cast in a ‘terrifying urban ghost story’ called Forgotten which wrapped principal photography recently.

When a father and son are forced to squat in an empty London council estate scheduled for demolition, 14 year old Tommy starts to hear strange noises coming from the boarded-up flat next door… Social realism meets horror in this urban ghost story. While Tommy struggles to reconnect with his deteriorating father, and glean where his mum might have gone, introverted Tommy makes an unlikely new friend in ballsy, street-smart Carmen. She is everything he isn't. And together they start to unravel the chilling truth behind the sounds coming through Tommy's bedroom wall and the bizarre things that Tommy has started seeing. Eventually Tommy & Carmen break in and find the next door flat empty. But the hauntings only escalate and when Mark is injured and taken into hospital, Tommy finds himself alone on the estate. He realises he’s in way over his head. What does the malign force want…? The truth is more terrifying than Tommy could imagine.
From the producer of THE BORDERLANDS, a tensely plotted, superbly acted, gritty urban supernatural horror.

Clem Tibber, who plays Tommy, was in Chromophobia alongside Kristin Scott Thomas, Rhys Ifans, Ralp Fiennes and Penelope Cruz. He was also in the ‘School Reunion’ episode of Doctor Who. Carmen is played by Elarica Gallagher (who was a waitress in Harry Potter 6). Tommy's father is played by Shaun Dingwall who was Rose Tyler’s dad and his mum is Lyndsey Marshall who plays Lucy in Being Human (and was in Snuff-Movie). Also in the cast: Katherine Mount, James Doherty (Inbred), Paul Marlon, Carys Lewis and Morgan Thomas. Eben Bolter (Three’s a Shroud) was the DOP.

The Forgotten was written by Oliver Frampton and James Hall and directed by Frampton, who previously made a very creepy half-hour short called Beautiful Isolation. It was produced by Jennifer Handford for Stickyback Pictures; she produced an Escape from LA spoof short that Jake West directed for this year’s Frightfest! Here’s the biogs:

Oliver Frampton (Writer / Director) Oliver has spent 10 years working in Film and Television Drama as a Director, Script and Story Editor, and Development Producer on shows like The Bill, RAW, and Soko Leipzig. His horror short Pieces won the Turner Short Film competition. The Forgotten is his debut feature.

James Hall (Writer)
Having spent the last fourteen years working in television drama, James has Story and Series Script Edited, Written and Produced on shows including EastEnders, Doctors, Emmerdale and The Bill. In addition, he also wrote the book for Chasing Fate, a new musical created for and performed by ‘Youth At Risk’ teenagers from the West Midlands. The Forgotten is his first feature-length screenplay.

Jen Handorf (Producer) Jen has been an independent film Producer since graduating from Colombia University where her short Pop Foul won the student Oscar. Since then she’s produced a number of features including Isle of Dogs, Little Deaths and the soon to be released The Devil’s Business.

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