Sunday 25 March 2012

Film 88: Footsteps

With everyone getting excited about Gareth Evans' third feature, Indonesian martial arts melée The Raid, it's worth remembering that he started out in Cardiff with this grim, bleak tale of a young man whose miserable life drifts into assisting with a snuff film racket. Never released in the UK but it had a US disc through Unearthed Films.

I said in my original review that I didn't think it was a horror film but that was before it was released. I think it was marketed as a horror film and that's enough to tip it over the borderline into the genre and thereby merit inclusion in the book.

One thing I do stand by from my review is that Footsteps was the best British film of the year. It's crminal that this isn't better known, but at least Gareth's Jakarta-set kick-flicks Merantau Warrior and now The Raid are bringing him to critical and popular attention.

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