Saturday 31 March 2012

Al Ronald and Julian L-R give you Chinese Burns

Chinese Burns isn't strictly speaking a horror film, it's a movie about a faded horror star. But I'd like to draw the new trailer to your attention because (a) it looks great and (b) it reunites several of the people responsible for the 'Stitchgirl' episode of Bordello Death Tales.

Julian Lamoral-Roberts not only stars but also wrote this story, which is described as, "a dark comedy, an ensemble piece involving an attractive young film student, an over-the-hill B movie actor, his wife, a young sound recordist, a soldier and a mini-cab driver." He plays Oscar Tarporley, an elderly horror movie actor with a rich, cultured accent and a neatly trimmed little grey beard. And though I'm sure he's not trying to impersonate any specific actor, I challenge you to watch this trailer and not think of [name withheld].

Alan Ronald directed the film (after Bordello DT but before Battlefield DT) and the cast also includes such familiar faces as Danny Idollor Jr, Cy Henty and Stitchgirl herself, the always watchable Eleanor James.

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