Tuesday 23 October 2012

Three British zombie features at Day of the Undead

Here in Leicester, the horror highlight of the year is always Day of the Undead, a full day of zombie activities at Phoenix Square organised by the tireless Zombie Ed of Terror4Fun. Previous British pictures screened include The Dead, Harold's Going Stiff, Zomblies, Devil's Playground, Zombie Undead and The Zombie Diaries.

This year the Day of the Undead is on Saturday 17th November and features three British films in its line-up: Cockneys vs Zombies, Before Dawn (introduced by director/actor Paddy Brunt) and The Eschatrilogy (with intro and Q&A from the director and producer). Also screening are Zombie Flesh Eaters (the world premiere of the new HB version), Israel's first zombie film Muralim and a special surprise film (which could mean there's actually four British titles...). Plus video games and make-up, oh and Charlie Higson plugging his zombie books.

Day-passes are £25. See you in the bar!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a good line-up, possibly a bit too far for a day's jaunt but tempting (as I'm a big zombie movie fan).

    FYI Muralim isn't the first Israeli zombie film, there were two films from the previous year - Siomet/Closure and Slash Zombies. They're all short films. The only full-length film I can think of that counts is Another World, released soon (although it is more of a 28 Days Later scenario rather than the dead rising), which seems to have beaten another movie, Cannonball Meat to the punch. Of course, let's not forget Night of Living Jews. or should that be "let's forget"?