Tuesday 16 October 2012

British Horror Film Festival - list of award winners

I had a good time at the British Horror Film Festival on Saturday. Reviews of Art House Massacre and Three's a Shroud will be on my main site soon. In the meantime, here's the full list of award-winners:
  • Best Director - The Santoro Brothers for The Other Side
  • Best Actor - Thomas Coombes in Love Bug
  • Best Actress - Clare Langford in Demon
  • Best Music - Gerry Moffett for Art House Massacre
  • Best Feature Film - Art House Massacre dir. Steve Laurence
  • Best Short Film - Love Bug dir. Benjamin Kent
  • Best Cinematography - Mark Duffield for Demon
  • Best Student Film - Darkwood Manor dir. Liam Hooper
  • Best Screenplay - Blood and Fangs: The Bloodening by Dave McLeod
  • Audience Award - The Other Side dir. The Santoro Brothers
  • British Horror Award - Three's a Shroud dir. Dan Brownlie, David VG Davies and Andy Edwards


  1. Hi MJ can't remember seeing you there... I was wearing a pink and black zig zag mohair jumper and black TDKR polo shirt. What did you think of our choices above then? It was very hard to choose between them and I still feel sorry we never managed to give an award to Trid An Stoirm.
    ps Music for Art House Massacre was by Gerry Moffett

  2. Music credit corrected, thanks! Doubly embarrassing as I was sat next to Gerry and chatting with him before the film. My bad. I didn't see the second shorts selection so didn't see Trid An Stoirm.