Friday 28 September 2012

British Horror Film Festival Awards nominations announced

And here are the shortlists for each category. The festival is in London on 12th-13th October and the awards will be announced on the Saturday evening.
Best Cinematography:Trid An Stoirm
The Other Side

British Horror Award:Darkwood Manor
Three’s A Shroud

Best Student Film:Darkwood Manor
Between Friends

Best Director:Santoro Brothers - The Other Side
Mark Duffield - Demon
Neill Gorton - Mother Died

Best Actor:Tom Hall – Demon
Paul Davis – The Other Side
Thomas Coombes – Love Bug

Best Actress:Sarah Winter – Mother Died
Clare Langford – Demon
Jennie Jacques – The Other Side

Best Music:Demon
Arthouse Massacre
Trid An Stoirm

Best Short Film:Love Bug- dir. by Benjamin Kent
One Night in Sutherland Hill- dir. by Michael Cullaghan
Shoreditch Slayer- dir. by Simon Levene
The Deadfall- dir. by Nic Alderton
The Tunnel- dir. by Ivan Radovic
Mother Died- dir. by Neill Gorton
Between Friends- dir. by Gerhardt Slawitschka
Just The 2 Of Us- dir. by Mat Brooks
Beneath- dir. by Al White
Trid An Stoirm- dir. by Fred Burdy
The Other Side- dir. by The Santoro Brothers

Best Feature Film:Demon – dir. By Mark Duffield
Three’s A Shroud – dir. By Dan Brownlie, David V.G. Davies and Andy Edwards
Darkwood Manor – dir. By Liam Hooper
Art House Massacre – dir. By Steve Laurence

Best Screenplay:Blood and Fangs: The Bloodening by Dabid McLeod

Audience Awards:short films, as above

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