Wednesday 9 October 2019


d. Stuart Brennan; w. George McKlusky; p. Stuart Brennan, Mark Paul Wake; cast: Stuart Brennan, George McKlusky, Mark Paul Wake, Adanna Oji, Austin Caley, Victoria Morrison, Ross Anderson, Jennifer Chippendale

When a squad of soldiers is attacked by werewolves in the Scottish Highlands, comparisons to Dog Soldiers are inevitable – albeit Wolf is set 18 centuries earlier. Brennan’s Roman horror has a team of legionaries and associates searching for missing messengers. After fighting some Picts, they’re stalked by barely-glimpsed, fast-moving beast-men so head back towards Hadrian’s Wall. Much of the film is frustratingly slow and talkie, but the characters are interesting and most of the acting is good. When we eventually see the attackers they’re naked guys with fangs (which contradicts the bipedal wolf pawprints found earlier). Nevertheless this ambitious, high concept horror – legionaries vs lycanthropes – merits a watch, if only for the impressive costumes and Simon Aukes’ top-notch cinematography which incorporates stunning drone shots of the snow-covered landscape. McKlusky is George McCluskey (The Zombie King). Many of the cast also worked with Brennan on Plan Z, The Necromancer and A Christmas Carol. Horrible Histories author Terry Deary was executive producer.

(Four stars.)

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