Friday 6 January 2017

Two nights of British horror shorts in Germany

Next week the British Shorts festival in Berlin has two midnight sessions collecting together 20 of the best recent British horror shorts including films by Melanie Light, Lee Hardcastle, Nick Gillespie, Jake and Dinos Chapman, and the Bloody Cuts team. Both screenings are at Sputnik Kino
Hasenheide 54 (Höfe am Südstern), 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg and kick off at one minute to midnight on the date given.

Saturday 14th January

  • The Simpsons Couch Gag (You're Next) dir: Lee Hardcastle, 2:00 Min.
    The film title says it all: the Simpsons meet the modern Horror classic You're Next.
  • Shortcut dir: Prano Bailey-Bond - filmmaker, 5:00 Min.
    Bad boyfriend. Sleeping girlfriend. Fast car. Full moon. When Kurt takes a shortcut he enters a supernatural realm and is forced to sacrifice a little part of himself
  • Rose dir: Tom Stoddart, 11:00 Min.
    A widowed mother struggling to cope with her daughter's dark secret is offered help by a mysterious doctor, leading to devastating consequences.
  • NSFW dir: Cosmo Wallace, 29:00 Min.
    When a blogger pretends to be a young boy online, his attempts to entrap a child predator lead to unexpected and horrific consequences in a nearby wood. With Karl Davies (Game of Thrones) and Danny Webb (Alien3).
  • Twine dir: Richard Heap, 20:00 Min.
    A hostile, serrated blade of a movie that follows the unravelling of a dark and twisted father-son relationship.
  • Pixel Soldier dir: chris landy, 19:00 Min.
    A group of computer game characters discover the harsh reality of life inside a war game.
  • The Birch dir.: Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton (Bloody Cuts), 5:00 Min.
    A bullied schoolboy takes drastic measures against his tormenter.
  • The Morrigan dir: Colum Eastwood, 15:30 Min.
    A young couple finds an unconscious young girl in front of their cottage and a nightmare is about to begin.
  • The Package dir: Damon Rickard, 15:00 Min.
    A missing package becomes the subject of increasingly violent tensions between two mysterious men.
  • The Inverted Peak dir: The Brothers McLeod, 5:40 Min.
    Exploration of the quasi-mysticism of a quest for enlightenment, a desire for transcendence from unseen masters. But who is in control?

Tuesday 17th January

Full details and tickets
  • Switch dir: Melanie Light, 4:30 Min.
    A man too sure of himself meets a strong opponent.
  • Containment dir: Sutt Watson, 13:56 Min.
    An infected scientist takes drastic measures to save his life. Not for the faint-hearted!
  • teeth dir: Tom Brown, Daniel Gray, 6:00 Min.
    The life of a misguided and intensely focused man, chronicled through his oral obsessions.
  • Nasty dir: Prano Bailey-Bond, 15:00 Min.
    1982. Twelve-year old Doug is drawn into the lurid world of VHS horror as he explores the mysterious disappearance of his father.
  • INK dir: Andy Stewart, 20:24 Min.
    A man decides to turn his body into a work of art.
  • Vengeance Rhythm dir: Chris Ullens, 3:13 Min.
    An extremely angry teddy bear. Music: Two Fingers.
  • The Organ Grinder´s Monkey dir: Dinos and Jake Chapman,15:15 Min.
    Pablo, a cockroach with artistic aspirations, wants to pursue his dreams and follows the untalented artist Ifans home. With Rhys Ifans, Kevin Spacey and others.
  • Don´t Move dir: Anthony Melton Bloody Cuts, 13:00 Min.
    “5 must die, 1 must live, I am here.” A film about accidentally unleashing a demonic force.
  • Samuel and Emily vs. the World dir: Nick Gillespie, 9:11 Min.
    A couple develops an interesting strategy to survive the zombie apocalypse.
  • Bobby Yeah dir: Robert Morgan, 22:00 Min.
    Bobby should learn from his mistakes but things are just too tempting ...

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