Monday 1 August 2016

Richard Driscoll says he's collaborating with Philip K Dick - WTF?

I’ll say one thing for Richard Driscoll. He never ceases to surprise.

Last week he relaunched the Indiegogo campaign for his long-in-development Blade Runner rip-off Blade Hunter. You will recall that the previous attempt at crowdfunding raised a magnificent $87.

What makes this new campaign different? Driscoll is now claiming that his crappy idea for a film was actually partly written by Philip K Dick.

Watch the video on the front page of the website and tell me it’s not the funniest thing you’ve seen all week.

Tricky Dicky now reckons that he has teamed up with PKD’s widow Tessa B Dick to write a whole new novel, Do Androids Dream of Murder? - “a book PKD wanted to write but never did”! And he is claiming that the book actually includes “contributions from Philip K Dick.” (What, like full stops and commas?)

My absolute favourite part of this ridiculous video is about 30 seconds in when there is a quote from PKD, partly because it isn’t on screen long enough to read properly, but mostly because when you freeze-frame the video – well, see for yourself…

Magnificent work. I wonder whether Philipe K Dick s is some relative of that other famous author Edgar Allen Poe.

Clicking on the spoof pulp paperback cover on the BH website takes you to a page where Driscoll explains all this in more detail – and then presents us, for no obvious reason, with an entire cut-and-paste of PKD’s Wikipedia entry (he does acknowledge the source).

You may also enjoy checking out the perks supposedly available on the Indiegogo page. Driscoll is a huge movie fan and a wealthy man (as well as being a convicted fraudster and arguably the worst British film-maker of all time) so it is quite possible that he does own the various movie props he’s offering. Or perhaps he’s just blowing smoke. Since no-one believes a single word he says, it’s impossible to tell.

At time of writing, three backers have together pledged a magnificent $81 to the campaign, just six dollars less than last time, and just $59,919 short of Driscoll’s ambitious target.

If you’re thinking of chipping in, even for just a laugh, please bear these facts in mind. The decision is yours but caveat emptor.

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