Tuesday 8 September 2015

Apparently there's a UK comedy-horror film based on a CBBC series...

I've never heard of Friday Download but evidently it's a series on CBBC (11-year-old TF Simpson is too old for that channel now and just obsessively watches repeats of Top Gear on Dave). And apparently, it's now a British comedy-horror movie too! It seems to have played theatres back in May when, quite understandably I'm sure you'll agree, I was totally unaware of it,

The DVD's out next month. One for completists, this, I think. Here's the press release:

Long running hit CBBC kids show Friday Download gets the big screen treatment in action-packed comedy adventure Friday Download The Movie (Up All Night). This fun filled spooky escapade featuring teen sensations The Vamps and Britain’s Got Talent favourites Bars and Melody makes its way to DVD on 19 October 2015 from Great Point Media and Spirit Entertainment.

It’s summer and the Friday Download gang Dionne Bromfield, Richard Wisker, Shannon Flynn, George Sear and Bobby Lockwood, pack their bags and hit the road for a trip of a lifetime but things don’t quite go to plan.

A mysterious power, beyond their control, plays havoc with their sat nav, the van gets totalled and soon they’re knocking on the door of Hill House, a creepy old mansion in the middle of nowhere where they encounter brother and sister Caleb (Tyger Drew Honey – Outnumbered) and Clara (Louisa Connolly-Burnham – Wolfblood), who invite them to stay the night while they get their van repaired. But the strange pair are hiding something and after a night of ghostly goings on and an encounter with hapless policeman (David Mitchell – Peep Show), and ghost hunter (Ethan Lawrence – Bad Education), the team learn that the house is about to be knocked down. Can the gang save it from demolition with their plan for a special Friday Download music festival?

For a fun fix of Halloween happenings, laugh-out-loud Friday Download – The Movie will keep the family entertained during the half term and beyond.

Written by Toby Davies (Yonderland), directed by John Henderson (The Borrowers) and produced by Jeremy Salsby (Friday Download), Dan Shepherd (Chalet Girl) and Jules Elvins (The Color of Freedom).

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