Monday 24 August 2015

House on the Witchpit - 'press release'

I put 'press release' in inverted commas there because traditionally a release actually tells you something. But that wily Pat Higgins continues to play his cards so close to his chest that he'll probably end up with a reverse tattoo of the Jack of Spades.

This is what young Patrick H has to say to the world about his latest opus:

The latest feature from Jinx Media, entitled The House on the Witchpit, has just wrapped principal photography.

Writer/Director Pat Higgins has elected not to release any stills, trailer, synopsis or casting information for this film. He has announced that the film will be screened to 36 people at a single screening in 2015, after which that particular version will never be screened again.

A different version will be screened at the Horror-on-Sea festival in 2016,, after which that version will also never be screened again.

The only official image connected with the feature to have been released is the teaser poster (above).

An associated Twitter account at @witchpithouse stated on August 2nd “We are making a film that exists largely to unnerve you”

Make of all that what you will...


  1. Recently saw a bootlegged (?) version of this movie on-line, and nobody is missing much. I find it hard to believe that anybody would allow somebody to build a fire in a theatre, which is where he supposedly burned it.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Pat made this film available online for 24 hours on Halloween 2017. He has destroyed the master version of each cut in turn but I don't think he has ever claimed to set fire to one, and the film has certainly never seen the inside of a cinema.