Wednesday 11 February 2015

Watch Pat Higgins' brilliant A-Z of How Not to Make a Horror Movie

If you can't get to Horror-on-Sea each year (as I can't) you can at least enjoy the talk by Pat Higgins (he of Hellbride, The Devil's Music etc) which this year was entitled How Not to Make a Horror Movie. It's on Vimeo now.

Pat's 80-minute talk is liberally scattered with awesome behind-the-scenes footage plus video insert contributions from some of the best indie horror makers around including Jonathan Glendening (13Hrs), MJ Dixon (Legacy of Thorn), Dani Thompson (Serial Kaller), Jason Impey (Zombie Lover), Keith Wright (Harold's Going Stiff), Al Ronald (Jesus vs the Messiah) and Jim Eaves (Bane). There's even a brief mention of me near the end as Pat shows people a bar chart I did demonstrating the rise in British horror film production.

For anyone with an interest in contemporary British horror, this is essential viewing.

But when is Pat going to actually make another feature?

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