Monday 29 December 2014

Dark Signal marks the return of Ed Evers-Swindell

Way back in 2005, Ed Evers-Swindell directed one of the first British zombie features, Infestation. This had a UK DVD release in December 2007 which I only found out about after Urban Terrors was published.

There was also an Italian release, possibly a Japanese one too. The disc pops up occasionally on eBay and it's on my list of films I really should watch at some point.

The UK cover boasted the quote "Awesome!", ascribed to Neil Marshall (Ed is credited with "additional crawler sound effects" on The Descent).

Now EES is back, ten years on, with his second feature, a ghost story called Dark Signal, which wrapped in September and is currently in post. This stars former Torchwood agent (and sometime Doctor Watson) Gareth David-Lloyd, plus Eleanor Gecks (Talitha in Young Dracula) and James Cosmo (Jeor Mormont in Game of Thrones). The make-up is by Nikki Pope who also did make-up for my film Waiting for Gorgo!

Neil Marshall is executive-producing Dark Signal, which should hopefully be available to view next year. You can find out more at

And, although he's not credited as an actor on the IMDB, Neil can be spotted in the trailer for Infestation toting an M-16 and saying "Nice plan."! [Except it turn out it's not him - MJS]

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