Tuesday 21 October 2014

Just three - now one! - days left to submit your top ten to the modern British horror survey

It's Tuesday 21st October, which means you've got just three days to get your votes in for the survey to find the best British horror films of the 21st century (so far). A walloping 500 British horror features have been released since January 2000, of which a welcome 105 have so far received at least one vote.

Please take a look at my original list of 100 suggestions (of which about two thirds have actually received votes so far). Have a think about other movies you've seen. Put together your ten favourites and let me know by midnight on Friday 24th.

You can post a comment on this blog, or you can email me directly mjs2000@ntlworld.com, or if you want to win a bundle of British horror DVDs, cast your vote on the Facebook page of TheHorrorShow.tv

Next week I will publish a list of the top 20. I think it might contain a few surprises...


  1. 1 - 28 Days Later
    2 - Shaun of the Dead
    3 - Severance
    4 - The Woman in Black
    5 - The Last Horror Movie
    6 - Kill List
    7 - Dog Soldiers
    8 - The Descent
    9 - The Borderlands
    10 - Eden Lake

  2. 1.Pet Semetary 2.Dawn of the dead 3.The Unborn 4.the skeleton key 5.creepshow1 6.The Beyond (1980's version) 7. 28 weeks later 8. Blair witch 2 9. event horizon 10. Saw

    1. Thanks but most of these are neither British nor 21st century...

  3. 1. 28 weeks later 2. Death watch 3. Descent 4.Hellraiser 5. The Wicker man. 6.when the lights went out 7. 28 days later 8. Red Mist 9. Creep and 10. The quiet ones.