Tuesday 26 February 2013

Pat Higgins comes alive!

Pat Higgins, director of some of the best films in the British Horror Revival, is celebrating ten years of his company Jinx Media - congratulations, Pat and Pippa! Without even taking a trip to IMDB-land, I can tell you that Pat is the man behind TrashHouse, KillerKiller, HellBride, The Devil's Music and one segment each of Bordello Death Tales and Nazi Zombie Death Tales, meaning that the total number of films he has directed is, rather bizarrely, four and two-thirds.

At the Horror-on-Sea festival earlier this year Pat presented, and filmed, his live show Werewolves, Cheerleaders and Chainsaws, and this is now available to view online. And here it is!

It's just over an hour long, it's hugely entertaining and informative, it has been nicely shot by Paul Cousins and I get a name-check in the thank you credits, which is very kind. Find out more about Pat and his previous and forthcoming word at http://jinx.co.uk

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