Saturday 29 December 2012

50 British horror films we’re still waiting for (Part 2)


A young man from Birmingham named Noveed ‘Veeder’ Zubair has been posting regular blogs and videos while making this zero-budget psychological horror film for the past couple of years. (His first film was a half-hour, black-and-white, silent Friday the 13th homage filmed in Adis Ababa!) This is clearly a labour of love and I really hope he gets it finished.


Filmed in August 2011 as Final Project, Jason Ford’s hoodie horror premiered at Frightfest 2012 and is now playing other festivals. Worldwide rights were picked up by High Point Films in January 2012 (who called it “somewhere between The Wicker Man and Kidulthood”) so expect a release sometime in late 2013. [Update: Community is scheduled for a UK DVD release in February.]

"The Drayman Estate has become an urban legend. Amongst the sinister stories of strange locals and brutal violence, people have gone missing there. Two student fiilm-makers visit the estate in the hope their documentary will land them a lucrative film career. Within minutes they are introduced to a pregnant child and a skinned dog in a shallow grave. They quickly discover that behind the awkward smiles, the adults appear to be on drugs whilst the children roam wildly, further proof that the estate is a breeding ground for the darker side of society. A society which is about to present the students with material of unimaginable horror, turning their final project into their darkest nightmare."

A Date with Ghosts 

After several shorts, Jason Brown started work on his debut feature in 2010. Originally announced for 2011, then 2012, hopefully we’ll finally see it in 2013. He has cut together two trailers so far.

"The story of a group of friends that get trapped in a haunted abbey with no easy way of escaping."

The Dead Inside 

Andrew Gilbert’s zombie feature was shot during the summer of 2010 and the spring of 2011. There was a cast and crew screening in November 2012. Not to be confused with the identically titled American zombie musical.

"A crap night out just got a fair bit worse: It's the end of the world! The undead are out in force, roaming the streets and devouring all who get in their way. Shot in a realistic style, The Dead Inside looks at a very human reaction to a barely human enemy. A group of soldiers, civilians and (holy crap!) teenagers hole up in a local school for protection from the undead hordes outside. Food is running low, morale doubly so. Tensions are high and things are looking bad when a stranger arrives outside the gate... then they get a whole lot worse. Blood sweat and tears - and that was just the post-production! The Dead Inside aims to tell the tale of the impending Zombie Apocalypse in a realistic and very British manner."

Dead of the Nite 

Shot at the start of 2011, the main selling point of SJ Evans’ eagerly anticipated film is the casting coup of Tony Todd. The post-production should be finished any day now.

"When a group of Internet sensation ghost hunters investigate the infamous Jericho Manor, they soon realise it's not just ghosts that go bump in the night! As each member of the team gets slaughtered one by one, the remaining survivors need to discover who...or what is killing them before it's too late. But be warned, if you thinks it's just another 'Blair Witch'...think again!"

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