Wednesday 15 August 2012

Zomblies and more in Ultimate Zombie Feast

Monster Pictures have released full details of their five-hour, two-disc Ultimate Zombie Feast (originally announced for release by Left Films. It includes David M Reynolds' superb Zomblies - with a quote from my review in the press pack!

If you've never seen Zomblies, you are missing out big time. The only thing stopping it from being the best British zombie feature ever is that it's only 47 minutes long. So including it in this collection of shorts and not-quite-features is a great movie.

Frankly, the line-up here is seven shades of awesome. This could and should be one of the biggest releases of the year and I'd really like to see more collections of shorts like this (not just zombie ones).

The other British films in the set are:

Plague (2008, 17 mins) dir. Joseph Avery and Matt Simpson (no relation)
Focusing on an isolated journey into the unknown, we follow Vilhelm, an illegal migrant and gun runner, who is trying to make a new beginning. When he arrives in London, The dead rise and consume the living. Can Vilhelm escape the bloodbath?

Bitten (2008, 6 mins) dir. Duncan Laing
A woman who has been bitten, arrives home and faces her terrifying transformation into one of the undead. As she tries to hold on to her last breaths of humanity, she is confronted with the horrors of what happened to her family.

Zombie Harvest (2003, 11 mins) dir. Sat Johal, Tony Jopia, John Payne
An alternative to Diary of the Dead, Zombie Harvest is a comedy/horror set in the English countryside. A scientist secretly working at the local American Army base is hunted by two soldiers after he flees the base. Little known to them the scientist has used himself as a human laboratory conducting tests with tragic consequences. Told through the eyes of one of the soldiers the story takes a dramatic turn when the chase enters a farmyard. A slick Zombie romp with nods to the Carry On... and Ealing Comedy films of the '50s and '60s with a touch of the Peter Jackson madness.

Dead Hungry (2009, 10 mins) dir. William Bridges
Dead Hungry is the debut fiction short film from director Will Bridges. Set in a classic 1970s American B-Movie the story centres around Jed who is starving, he hasn’t eaten for days. He’s lost and alone, wandering around a vast forest searching for the one thing that can satisfy his insatiable hunger… human brains. The problem is he can’t catch a thing. He is a loser, he was a loser in life and nothing seems to have changed now he is dead. But can the pity of recently dead/undead woman turn his luck?

Plus short zombie films from the USA, Canada, France, Spain Denmark and even India. Ultimate Zombie Feast has a rather weird RRP of £15.32, hits shelves on 8 October and is available for pre-order on Amazon for £11.20.

Oh, and there's a trailer:

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