Sunday 10 June 2012

Film 109: Wilderness - the end is in sight!

I haven't written up three films in one day. It's just that I've been so busy racing towards the end of the book that I've neglected adding these to the blog.

I must admit that I had assumed, from the artwork, that Wilderness was a werewolf picture (of course there was a TV mini-series of that title in 1996 which actually was about werewolves). It turns out to be an early example of British survivalist horror with a well-trained psycho (and his alsatians) picking off a group of young offenders and their wardens on a remote Scottish isle.

The second film from Michael J Bassett, this is a big improvement on Deathwatch. I wasn't really bothered when I slipped the disc in but found myself surprisingly gripped.

I now have just four films to go, all released in 2008. I wonder if anyone can work out what they are. For the record, here are the 2008 films so far, in alphabetical order:

Antisocial-Behaviour, Botched, Chemical Wedding, The Children, The Cottage, Credo, Daddy’s Girl, The Devil’s Chair, Doomsday, Eden Lake, Evil Calls, The Ghosts of Crowley Hall, Home Made, Mutant Chronicles, Nature Morte, Outpost, The Sick House, Small Town Folk, StagKnight, Vampire Diary, The Vanguard, The Veil, WAZ, Witch House: The Legend of Petronel Haxley

Imagine having to sit through that little lot. What do you reckon I'm missing?

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