Tuesday 22 December 2015

Post-antibiotic thriller The Carrier comes to DVD in January

The Carrier is the second feature from Anthony Woodley, who previously brought us Arctic military scifi-horror Outpost 11 (not to be confused with the unrelated Nazi zombie-ghost Outpost trilogy). The film hits DVD in the UK on 25th January through Altitude Film Distribution.

Synopsis: Despite all the warnings about the overuse of antibiotics and efforts by the pharmaceutical companies to keep pace, an antibiotic resistant pandemic decimates the planet. Eight survivors escape on a dilapidated 747. Little is known about the effect of the outbreak, just that it is safer to be in the air than on the ground. What lengths are the passengers and crew prepared to go to in order to survive? Are they safe to land, and what will they find when they do? Can they outrun the pandemic, where every minute counts? Think 'Contagion', meets 'The Road', set on a 747...

Shot in 2013 as Artificial Horizon, the movie was test screened in June 2014 and premiered at Raindance in September 2015. If you’ve read this story you’ll see that this is suddenly absolutely bang on topical (in a slightly terrifying way).

The cast includes Edmund Kingsley (Allies, The Reverend), Joe Dixon (The Mummy Returns), Karen Bryson (Shameless) and Jack Gordon (Truth or Dare, Panic Button, The Devil’s Business).

Speaking of Panic Button (on which Woodley was assistant art director), the DVD sleeve for The Carrier is curiously familiar...

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