Saturday 12 December 2015

Blade Hunter Indiegogo campaign is gogo (a week late)

It's a week later than promised but the Indiegogo campaign for Richard Driscoll's "new dystopian sci-fi/horror film in the style of BLADE RUNNER" is now live, Here it is.

I won't go into any detail - you can read it for yourself. And be sure to watch the video (don't worry - there's no clips of Driscoll himself in it).

He's hoping to raise $150,000 in 30 days. Good luck on that, Dick! And although Indiegogo does have a bit that says "Do you think this campaign contains prohibited content? Let us know." I have no intention of reporting his empty promises, untrue claims and violations of copyright. I'm having fun watching how far this thing goes.

If you want to pony up five grand to be an executive producer - or just 12 bucks to get a free download of the film - be sure you're fully aware of what you're getting into first.


  1. CGI Girl's mouth stops opening even when she's talking in the video.

    Why is this listed as non- profit?

  2. Also some poor soul has now put in 75 dollars

  3. ""Due to problems with our website concerning hackers we have had to suspend the Indiegogo campaign till a later date". Thank you for all your support."

  4. Hi MJ, do you know if Driscoll was ever in Return of the Jedi as he claims? Or is this a lie?

    1. Unless some Star Wars nerd somewhere has a copy of official studio documentation listing all the extras, there's no way to know.

  5. Also, I see he has now started a new film, Star Warriors...on Twitter