Wednesday 23 December 2015

10 great British horror films released in 2015 (that you almost certainly missed)

More than 70 new British horror features were released in 2015. Next month I'll post a complete run-down. But for now here's my top ten. How many have you seen? How many were you even aware of?

Blood and Carpet
dir. Graham Fletcher-Cook
Visually stunning monochrome drama set in a perfectly recreated 1960s East End which trips you up at the end when you realise you’ve been watching a horror film all along and didn’t realise it. Released to Vimeo on Demand in February.

Darkest Day
dir. Dan Rickard
Shot in Brighton over several years, this micro-budget labour-of-love zombie-fest combines incredible special effects with genuinely gripping action. A limited theatrical release in May was followed by a DVD through Left Films.

A Girl
dir. Simon Black
Extraordinary psychological fetish-horror chronicling a young woman’s descent into sexual madness, Released by Redemption in January as part of their new wave of Satanic Sluts titles.

dir. Steve Lawson
Cheap’n’cheerful genetically recreated dino romp. Imagine Jurassic Park shot on a Loughborough industrial estate. Bonkers fun. Released by 88 Films in July; it’s been their second biggest seller this year!

The Mothman Curse
dir. Richard Mansfield
Shot ‘blind’ on a ten pound CCTV camera, the grainy monochrome photography only adds to the spookiness of this loosely MR James-ian tale filmed in London’s Cinema Museum. Wild Eye Releasing gave it a DVD/VOD release in the States in April.

dir. Richard Anthony Dunford
Shot entirely through the main character’s eyes, like a horror version of Peep Show, this is a ‘found footage’ film for people who don’t like found footage films. With a shocking ending that will leave your jaw agape. VOD release through TheHorrorShow.TV in April.

Stag Hunt
dir. James Shanks
Four friends spending a weekend on the moors run afoul of something very large and dangerous in this gripping horror-thriller laced with just enough black humour. Popped up on Amazon Prime in May.

Three’s a Shroud
dir. David VG Davies, Dan Brownlie and Andy Edwards
Cracking anthology with a great cast of fan favourites (Emily Booth! Eleanor James! Dani Thompson! Suzi Lorraine!). Wild Eye Releasing put it onto DVD and VOD in September.

Demon Baby
dir. Corrie Greenop
Powerful and creepy ghost tale shot amid beautiful Scottish scenery. Don’t let the crappy sleeve and retitle fool you (it was made as Wandering Rose). American VOD/DVD from Entertainment One in June.

dir. Tom Wadlow
Bleak and brilliant zombie film that stands out from a crowded pack, not least through an amazing lead performance. US DVD through Midnight Releasing in September.

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