Thursday 31 December 2015

12 terrific new British horror films scheduled for release in 2016

New Year's Eve is a time for looking back and looking forward.

In 2015 there were 83 new British horror films. Who knows how many there will be in 2016. Here's the first dozen confirmed titles, presented in chronological order of currently scheduled release date. I'm looking forward to seeing the ones I haven't seen yet.
  • The Carrier (dir. Anthony Woodley) UK DVD, Altitude, 25th January
    Eight people commandeer a plane to escape a global pandemic - but one of them is infected.
  • The Blood Harvest (dir. George Clarke) UK DVD, Left Film, 25th January
    Suspended cop investigates ritualistic serial killing and finds more than he expected.
  • Serial Kaller (dir. Dan Brownlie) US DVD, Wild Eye, 26th January
    Psycho stalks 'babes TV' models. With Dani Thompson, Suzi Lorraine and the wonderful Debbie Rochon.
  • Survival Instinct (dir. Steve Lawson) UK theatrical, Film Volt, 1st February
    Wrong place, wrong time: resourceful young woman vs determined hunter.
  • Evil Souls (dir. Roberto and Maurizio del Piccolo) UK DVD, Lace, 1st February
    Anglo-Italian Satanic torture porn.
  • Cryptic (dir. Bart Ruspoli and Freddie Hutton-Mills) UK DVD, Spirit Entertainment, 1st February
    Eight gangsters guarding a coffin which may or may not have a vampire inside.
  • House of Afflictions (dir. Anthony S Winson) US DVD, Wild Eye, 23rd February
    Crime author mourning the loss of her child moves into a new home.
  • The Exorcism of Anna Ecklund (dir. Andrew Jones) UK DVD, 4Front, 7th March
    A priest and a Vatican investigator take a possessed housewife to a convent to perform an exorcism.
  • Fluid Boy (dir. Jason Impey) US DVD, Live Wire, 8th March
    Actress auditioning for a zombie film is tortured by an insane psycho.
  • The Unfolding (dir. Eugene McGing) VOD, Frighfest Presents, 14th March
    Found footage movie: ghost-hunters investigate haunted house.
  • The Hatching (dir. Michael Anderson) US DVD, Lions Gate, 15th March
    Andrew-Lee Potts investigates a killer crocodile loose in Somerset.
  • Dark Signal (dir. Ed Evers-Swindell) UK DVD, Kaleidoscope, 23rd May
    Spirit of murdered girl communicates via radio. Executive produced by Neil Marshall.

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