Wednesday 9 December 2015

Paul Hyett goes gothic with Heretiks

With Howl out on DVD in the UK (and next month in the States), Paul Hyett has lost no time in getting straight back into the director’s chair with gothic horror Heretiks (sic).

Synopsis: During the 17th Century a young woman is saved from execution and led to a priory to repent her sins but discovers a greater evil lies within.

The cast includes The Seasoning House’s Rosie Day (of course) plus Clare Higgins (Hellraiser 1 and 2, now High Priestess of the Sisterhood of Karn on Doctor Who), Petra Bryant (also in My Guardian Angel, see previous news story), Carl Wharton (Wrath of the Crows), Sian Breckin (Donkey Punch) and Hannah Arterton from Atlantis. Plus, although he’s not on the IMDB page yet, the legend that is Michael Ironside. Total Recall, seaQuest, Starship Troopers – Ironside has been in everything and been brilliant in it all. One of my favourite actors.

The script by Paul and regular co-writer Conal Palmer is based on a story by American actor Gregory Blair (who was in Charlie Band’s Ooga Booga and was associate producer on Creep Creepersin’s Dracula). Michael Riley (Scar Tissue, The Seasoning House, Vampire Diary) and Marcia Do Vales (Deranged) are the producers. Jaquie Fowler (The Living and the Dead, The Cottage, The Descent etc) is the make-up designer. Soul Searcher director Neil Oseman is the DP and has a few non-spoiler behind-the-scene shots on his website (plus some detail for the camera-tech nerds among you).

Originally announced in August 2013 for 2014 production, Heretiks started principal photography last month in the Brecon Beacons and should be ready next year. If it’s not at Frightfest I’ll be very surprised.

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