Wednesday 28 December 2011

Films 64 and 65: Kannibal and Evil Calls

I'd been saving these two up and I thought: what the heck? A little festive treat - let's bang out 2,000 or so words on Richard Driscoll, the British Ed Wood.

Of course I could write a lot more. Famously, my shot-by-inept-shot review of Evil Calls ran to 20,000 words. But there's only so much room in the book. Even though they post-date my cut-off of December 2008, I couldn't resist adding a few paragraphs about the unmade Watchmen of Hellgate and the unreleased (possibly unreleasable) Eldorado.

For those of you who have never seen Kannibal or Evil Calls, they are now available under the respective titles Head Hunter and The Legend of Harrow Woods.

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