Tuesday 13 December 2011

British Stitches vs Irish Stitches

Some sites are reporting that production has wrapped on a British ‘killer clown’ mvie called Stitches. Which it undoubtedly has, except that Stitches (previously announced as Stitches Grimble) is an Irish-American co-production. It’s a collaboration between Dublin-based Fantastic Films, the Irish Film Board and American company Dark Sky (who made Hatchett etc)., filmed in Dublin.

It stars an English comedian, Ross Noble, and Fantastic Films have been involved with other British horrors including Wake Wood and Outcast but I’d be very surprised if it’s marketed as a British picture. It’s certainly not the first Irish film to be described (by Americans) as British. But I think we can class this as part of the Irish Horror Revival.

Confusingly, there is a British horror film called Stitches. Directed by Lee Isserow and Trevor Fleming, it was made as part of the 28 Days Later Film Challenge in 2010 under the title The Killer Gloves. That Stitches has played a few festivals and is available on DVD from the Opiate of the People Films website.

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