Monday 19 December 2011

Driscoll planning a 'Man Hunt'

I hear rumours that Richard Driscoll, the British Ed Wood, has been shooting some extra footage for his unreleased (and unseen) comedy-horror-western-musical Eldorado, possibly adding some zombies into the mix. On top of which, a new title from Driscoll's House of Fear has appeared on CastingCallPro: Man Hunt.

Or GrindHouse 2wo: Man Hunt, a title which is wrong in so, so many ways.

Guy wakes up chained to wall in cave with just a mobile phone and lots of rats, he doesn't know why he's here or what is about to happen.

The only named cast member is Steve Munroe, once again playing 'Sam Coex'. This is the same character (or at least the same name) as he had in The Comic and as he was set to have in Driscoll's hilariously over-ambitious Watchmen of Hellgate.

Given how many films Driscoll has announced and sometimes even started, and given that he still hasn't released Back2Hell, which was built from footage shot for The Devil's Disciple in 2006, I'm not holding my breath for Man Hunt.

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