Sunday 11 January 2015

Satanic house film release funds killer mermaid film

Now here's an interesting release strategy. Proportion Productions have completed two films so far:

Lucifer's Night
Seven years ago, a man convinced Lucifer was within him brutally murdered his wife and child. Now, Eric and Hayley move into the same house after years of being left unsold on the market. They think they got a good deal with the house, a bargain in fact. But what they don't know is that evil still lurks within the house and is awaiting more souls to take.

Deadly Waters
A young man falls in love with a seductive, sultry young woman he meets on the beach. The more he falls for her, the more he will learn the dangers of falling in love with a siren.

Lucifer's Night had a one-off London screening in October 2014 and is now available on DVD, but only to those who support the Indiegogo campaign for distribution of Deadly Waters. The Proportion Prods team are looking to raise funds to hire a screening venue (in March), press some screener discs and submit to some festivals. One of the perks on offer is a disc of the previous film. And presumably if this works then DVDs of the killer mermaid film will be made available as part of a support package for their next picture, an erotic thriller called 50 Shades of Elise.

I don't normally plug crowdfunding campaigns on this blog because there's just far too many of them, but this is (a) innovative and (b) technically a 2015 DVD release for Lucifer's Night.

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